Botha Labour Relations is your one stop shop for any of your human resources and personnel management needs. Furthermore, we are able to assist you with any and all of your legal requirements as an organization doing business in South-Africa, Africa and beyond. 

Our team of experts with years of experience in the field are extremely passionate about assisting and servicing our client’s needs. With constantly up to date business practices, legislation and announcements, we ensure compliance with all of the latest requirements in the human resources and legal fields that can affect your organization. 

We believe in putting the “Human” back into human resource management and as such make it our personal goal to effectively, efficiently and profitably service the needs of our clients whilst still treating all parties amicably, respectfully and with the decency that so often eludes the corporate environment. 


We can assist you with the following:

Labour Law:

  • Chairing of Disciplinary Enquiries. 
  • Writing of Disciplinary Reports. 
  • Conducting Counselling sessions with struggling employees. 
  • Conducting Retrenchment Consultations with affected employees. 
  • Finalizing Retrenchment Processes. 
  • Conducting Grievance Enquiries. 
  • Composition of contracts of employment. 
  • Conducting employee file audits. 
  • Attending and chairing trade union meetings with companies. 
  • Preparation of collective agreement’s for trade unions. 
  • Auditing the authenticity of trade union memberships. 
  • Conduction abscondment proceedings for absconded employees. 
  • Filing requests for postponement at the CCMA or DRC. 
  • Filing objections to Con-Arb the CCMA or DRC. 
  • Requesting Condonation at the CCMA or DRC. 
  • Filing requests for rescission at the CCMA or DRC. 
  • Lodging cases at the CCMA or DRC. 
  • Attending conciliations. 
  • Attending arbitrations. 
  • Attending Condonation hearings. 
  • Attending Section 189a retrenchment facilitations. 
  • Attending rescission hearings. 
  • Contract of employment preparation. 
  • Contract of employment amendments and updates according to new legislation. 
  • Employee file preparation, maintenance and review. 
  • Drafting verbal-, written- and final written warnings. 
  • Drafting notices of dismissal. 
  • Issuing warnings or notices of dismissal to employees. 
  • Preparing required policies and procedures. 
  • Updating policies and procedures to reflect latest legislation. 
  • Issuing employees with equipment. 
  • Preparing acknowledgement of receipt documentation for issued equipment. 

Payroll Administration:

  • Process the entire payroll run. Be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 
  • Ensure all statutory deductions are made and paid to the relevant authorities such as PAYE and UIF.  
  • Track workplace attendance and leave usage. 
  • Conduct work permit validity checks. 
  • Conduct criminal checks and relevant new employee screening. 

Outsourcing of Employees:

  • Complete transversal of Human Resources function to Botha Labour Relations. 
  • All legal and payroll requirements for employee management will be managed on your behalf by Botha Labour Relations. 
  • Drastically reduce time wastage and costs associated with human resource management. 
  • Significantly reduce risks as all statutory requirements will be associated with Botha Labour Relations. 

Training and Orientation:

  • Preparing training presentations. 
  • Preparing on-boarding procedures. 
  • Conducting training and on-boarding procedures.
  • Updating policies for new employee on-boarding. 

Legal Assistance:

  • Registration of companies and trusts. 
  • Preparation of buy/sell agreements.
  • Preparation of share acquisition agreement. 
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements.