The FM Team has been involved in facilities management from its earliest days. The team brings with them personal experience spanning more than thirty man-years and have access to even more years of experience in various aspects of this exciting field of business.

ONE FM offers you all the facility management variables, on an integrated platform over the entire spectrum of Facility Management. 

It is capable to integrate the lifecycle information (from the start of architectural drawings to sustainable management of the facility over its productive lifespan) of any Facility establishing project. 

ONE FM is positioned to integrate with the latest BIM enabled systems available, up to BIM 6D.

ONE FM will provide you the ability to manage the following perspectives on Facility Management: The management of the workflow and capturing of all data related to: Planned and Unplanned activities, Call Centre, Help / Support Desk and Service Desk, All related space information, All related system information, All related Human resource information, Location, Skills, Jobs per person.