Independent Medico-Legal Expert Consortium (IMEC) is a consortium of multi-disciplinary senior experts in the medico-legal field. Members of IMEC are carefully selected based on their experience and standing in the field.  Members have experience in both plaintiff and defence representation as our aim is to assist the court in providing objective evidence. All of our members function as independent practices, registered at the respective professional bodies and are also vendor registered as service providers to the RAF.


The Assessments:

The IMEC team is able to assist with multiple assessments scheduled on one or two days. The team consist of a Clinical Psychologist, Industrial Psychologist, Educational Psychologist and Occupational Therapist.


The Team:

Our team are all qualified to perform the requisite psychometric testing, assessments, evaluations and consultations, and serve as expert witnesses for plaintiffs or defendants in court.


IMEC is able to assist with the following:


OT Products 

Medico-legal reports plaintiff and defence and is vendor registered. 
Medical negligence reports.
Functional capacity evaluations.
Reasonable accommodation reports. 
Disability case management, and vocational rehabilitation.
Ergoscience pre-employment capacity testing.  


Health and Safety:

  • We are associated with Health and Safety experts in the medical field. 
  • We are able to assist in evaluation of work environments. 
  • Performing Job Analysis
  • Able to assist in assessing physical job specifications in terms of endurance, load handling and postural tolerances. 
  • We assist in the evaluation of employee capacity to ensure a safe job match of the workforce avoiding strain and sprain, slip and falls or other risks to the employer.   
  • We can provide Occupational Health and medical services or clinics at the workplace. 
  • We could advise and assist with protective clothing, assistive devices as well as ergonomic load handling equipment. 



  • We are able to assist in assessing the wellness of the workforce. 
  • Psychological fitness
  • Employee stress assessment
  • Unique individual employee performance capacity measurements in consideration of psychological well-being.