Capital Computer Bureau (Pty) Ltd (Registration Number: 1968/000104/07) (trading as Capital Software) is a Third Party Payments Processor (TPPP) and Systems Operator (SO) regulated by the National Payment Systems (NPS) Department of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in terms of the National Payment Systems (NPS) Act (see, sponsored by a major South African bank and registered at the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) (see 

Capital Software was established in 1968 as an information technology company. One of the early pioneers in South African computing, the company has grown together with the information technology sector, absorbing and indeed improving on the revolutionary transformations seen in the computer industry over the past four decades. An unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of evolving technology has given the company a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market. 

Capital Software provides payment and collection services via its own proprietary switching architecture and payment-gateway software, which services include statutory payments, salary payments, payments to creditors on behalf of consumers, as well as the collection of premiums, contributions, subscriptions etc.   

The company today offers an international network, serving a corporate and public sector client base that covers the entire spectrum of business solutions. In an often-volatile market, Capital Software stands out as a mature company, founded on strong business and management principles, and supported by a committed team of people who bring a diverse range of skills together for the benefit of our customers. The companies for whom we have developed computer software over many years is a pedigree of which we are extremely proud. It includes many of the most successful and recognized leaders 



Profits is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and integrated financial software addressing the business functions of financial information management, including debtors (accounts receivable), creditors (accounts payable), general (nominal) ledger and payroll. 

For organizations committed to cutting costs whilst improving their management information techniques, Profits offers substantial efficiencies and business process automation that is unparalleled and world-class. The extensive interaction and integration between the respective modules provides for an exceptionally high degree of automation with substantial savings in time and resource costs.  

The Payroll module includes inter alia the following: Employee record keeping, data administration and processing; Processing of payroll data; Transfer of salaries / wages via EFT; Electronic delivery of payslips; Statutory payments e.g. PAYE, UIF & SDL; Monthly submission of EMP201 reports; Bi-annual submission of EMP501 reports; Annual IRP5 reports; Third party creditor payments (e.g. Medical, Pension, Insurance, Loans, Unions subscriptions, Emolument Attachment Orders (“Garnishees) etc; Integration with multiple banks; Electronic delivery of monthly management report (e.g. earnings and pay reports etc). Annual releases include the latest statutory amendments for each respective year, including new tax tables, thresholds, rebates, medical tax credits etc. The Time & Attendance (T&A) module includes inter alia the following: Access control for time worked utilizing the Capital Money Pre-paid Debit Card; Variable time by rate (e.g. regular, overtime, holiday, Saturday, Sunday etc) to derive earnings etc. The Leave module includes inter alia the following: Company policy record; Employee policy record; Employee leave record; Payslip update etc.  

The financial management software includes the following: Debtors (Accounts Receivable), Creditors (Accounts Payable), and General (Nominal) Ledger. 



CMX is a collections management suite of software offering a world class approach for organizations committed to cutting costs and improving their collections management techniques. CMX is integrated financial software addressing the business functions surrounding the functions of collections and financial reconciliation. The management of electronic debit (collection) and credit (payment) transactions is integrated, seamless, secure and automated. 

The debit (collection) services include inter alia the following: DebiCheck; Standard Debit Orders; Account Holder Verification etc. The credit (payment) services include inter alia the following: payment of salaries and wages, other creditors, Emolument Attachment Orders (EAO), and statutory payments such as SARS etc. 



EPS is a comprehensive suite of debt mediation and rehabilitation management software addressing the challenges pertaining to debt mediation, but specifically focusing on the automation of the complex business functions of payment distribution and the settlement of creditors. EPS offers substantial enhancements in the automation of business processes aimed at improving the distribution of payments to creditors and real-time bank reconciliations.