A number of progressive initiatives have been spearheaded by Government and NGO’s as well as the private sector, to confront the marginalisation of women in the economic mainstream. 

To this end, Hutech International Group and Capital Software initiated an enterprise development drive that consists out of a two-tier objective, namely:

  • Established Belegile Holding a wholly black female entity headed by Kgaugelo Masemola as Executive Chairlady; and
  • To extend this to wholly African female owned SMME’s in diverse service - portfolios on a National Basis. 



Belegile Holding’s business strategy is vested in the following:

  • To expand the value offering to the full extent of the client’s needs on Human Resources;
  • Training and Development;
  • Security and Technology;
  • Financial Services;
  • Information Technology;
  • Travel and Events Management;
  • Office Equipment; and
  • Industrial Relations



We strive to be your preferred business partner, both in South Africa and abroad, providing the total Service and Consulting portfolio required by Clients – a one stop solutions network.



Belegile Holdings’ believes in demonstrating the following shared value system practically and within our daily operational interaction with our Clients/Partners and stakeholders:

  • Integrity (To be consistently honest and uphold ethical standards in our dealings with our clients and stakeholders);
  • Transparency (To be open in our dealings);
  • Professionalism (We strive to uphold a credible and good reputation of self and the team);
  • Accessibility (We are approachable, easy to talk to and always available for clients);
  • Adaptability (We are able to cope with changes and adjust our services as such).



  • To understand the client’s (partner) working environment and requirements and hence provide the best possible solution.
  • Provide a consistent, reliable and professional service that exceeds expectations with the minimum turnaround time and with integrity.
  • Build continued and harmonious relations with our clients and stakeholders.
  • Provide continued dedicated service and support to our clients.