Capital Computer Bureau (Pty) Ltd (Registration Number: 1968/000104/07) (trading as Capital Software) is a Third Party Payments Processor (TPPP) and Systems Operator (SO) regulated by the National Payment Systems (NPS) Department of the South African Reserve Bank and registered at the  Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) (see 

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Accounting and Advisory Services:

Motheo delivers a variety of financial advisory and accounting services. These services are delivered to large employer groups or affiliate groups that recognize the importance of delivering workplace wellness that unlocks savings and value to both employer and employee. Our unique approach to product innovation and our quick time-to-market for innovative products and services enables us to unlock incremental value to our customers. The financial management software includes the following: Debtors (Accounts Receivable), Creditors (Accounts Payable), and General (Nominal) Ledger. 

Services Offered:

Motheo offers the following specialized services, tailored to meet clients’ needs:

  • Audit:
    • Internal audit - establishment, rolling and annual plans, risk assessments and routine internal auditing
    • Special investigations
    • Performance auditing - economy, effectiveness and efficiency
    • Information technology audits
  • Accounting:
    • Monthly management reporting
    • Preparation of annual financial statements
    • Reconciliations 
    • Capacity building- outsourcing the CFO role
  • Taxation (VAT, PAYE, Income Tax):
    • Compliance – corporate and personal
  • Risk Management and Corporate Governance:
    • Risk assessments
    • Compliance Audits
  • Management Consulting Services:
    • Project management
    • Cost and management consulting


Accounting and Payroll Services:

Profits is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and integrated financial software addressing the business functions of financial information management, including debtors (accounts receivable), creditors (accounts payable), general (nominal) ledger and payroll. 

For organizations committed to cutting costs whilst improving their management information techniques, Profits offers substantial efficiencies and business process automation that is unparalleled and world-class. The extensive interaction and integration between the respective modules provides for an exceptionally high degree of automation with substantial savings in time and resource costs.

The Payroll module includes inter alia the following: 
  • Employee record keeping;
  • Data administration and processing;
  • Payment of salaries / wages & Electronic delivery of pay slips; 
  • Statutory payments e.g. PAYE, UIF & SDL; 
  • Monthly submission of EMP201 reports;
  • Bi-annual submission of EMP501 reports; 
  • Annual IRP5 reports; 
  • Third party creditor payments;
  • Emolument Attachment Orders (“Garnishees); Integration with multiple banks; and
  • Electronic delivery of monthly management report.
Time and Attendance
The Time & Attendance (T&A) module includes inter alia the following: 
  •   Access control for time worked utilizing the Capital Money Pre-paid Debit Card;
  •   Variable time by rate (e.g. regular, overtime, holiday, Saturday, Sunday etc) to derive earnings.
Leave module
Includes inter alia the following: 
  •   Company policy record; 
  •   Employee policy record; and
  •   Employee leave record;  
The combination of Profits Payroll and Hutech’s HR Outsourcing methodology optimizes overhead costs and access to quality and professional services.