Providing insight about your talent to enable accurate decisions, build your pipeline and development your people
Why Assessments?
Hutech would like to further its value add to the market by becoming an assessment provider who can deliver occupational specific assessments from multiple product providers, across the group - in a consistent, standardised and fair manner - to the scale required by the group of companies. 
Who Is Francois De Wet?
Francois is a dynamic industrial psychologist expert in the assessment market. Francois will assist Hutech clients to gain insight and make better talent decisions, more efficiently by utilising best of class, state of art products and integrated profiling and assessment solution technology. 
What Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits?
  •   Consistent and standardised occupational specific assessment batteries and report formats suitable for any client.
  •   Standardised, integrated assessment reports that match candidates to the inherent requirements of a specific job. 
  •   Centralised storage of assessment data – promoting talent analytics and benchmarking across the group and for any client.
  •   Improved speed to hire and reduction in length of recruitment cycle.
  •   An improved candidate experience.
  •   External system maintenance and support. 
  •   Improved reach using online assessment technologies. 
  •   Cost and process efficiencies achieved through scale.
Security and Safe-Guards In Online Assessments
All assessments used as part of this service are:
  •   Forgery-proof due to item generators (no single individual gets the same test items).
  •   Assessment results can be verified at any stage using parallel versions of tests.
  •   Unique, password protected access links are sent to specific invited candidates and can be revoked at any stage.
  •   Hardware-independent due to vector graphics.
  •   The way every task is displayed adapts to the user’s screen setting, thus avoiding any possible negative effects caused by the hardware used or the user’s internet connection.
Assessment Process:
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