Human Capital has developed into a specialised field with associated financial risks for non-compliant entities and the inability to manage this effectively.

Associated overhead costs to employ specialist on a full-time basis is not affordable and utilisation of external Consultants remains a reality. 
As part of Hutech’s enterprise development initiative, the HRFIN Wallet was introduced for companies to assess their existing compliance and needs analysis without being influenced by external Consultants. The HR Audit can be downloaded free of charge and Hutech will utilise this as base to structure future intervention in conjunction with the Client. Visit our website ( to download the HR Audit.
Hutech: HR Methodology:
The development model: 
Phase 1: Human Capital and Financial Audit
Derived from South African Labour Laws a software programme was developed whereby a client can assess their compliance status of its existing practices and combined with an analysis of needs for future interventions required.
The audit is utilised to define resource requirements and future priority interventions.
Phase 2: Formalising the Business Relationship
The HR Business partner relationship with the client has various options:
  •   HR Administrator on site for day-to-day operational activities supported by a team of subject specialists when and if required; 
  •   HRFIN Wallet subscription to address compliance up to 60%; thus, a selective utilisation of external subject specialist and provides exclusive benefits to subscribers.
  •   A combination of in-sourcing, i.e. existing personnel supported by Hutech Subject Specialists, namely:
    • Industrial Relations : Organisation Development Interventions
    • Training and Development : Employee Wellness Programs
    • Competency Design : Job Grading
    • Job Profiling/Evaluations : Restructuring
    • Psychometric Assessments : Change Management
    • Team building interventions : Conflict Facilitation
The above is defined in a Service Level Agreement with the Client. A full end-to-end outsourced Human Resource solution.



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