Recruitment has become a major risk factor to any organisation due to the dynamics of the South African Labour Market. Fraudulent qualifications, misrepresentation of experience, falsified remuneration to name a few are a daily occurrence which have a direct financial implication.  

Hutech International Group (Pty) Ltd established in 1998, with a national footprint which gives us the capability to serve our clients.

Executive and General Placements: 

Aside from the various industries involvement, the following specialised Units have been established:

  • Information Technology;
  • Disabled;
  • Automotive;
  • Finance and Administration;
  • Mining; and
  • Engineering.


Flexible Staffing Solutions:

A dynamic model to deal with fluctuations in labour utilisation linked to state-of-the-art payroll services.

Recruitment Value Added Services:

To ensure that you are presented with the best possible candidates Hutech International Group (Pty) Ltd provides a full candidate screening and evaluation process. This includes:

  • Recruitment advertising;
  • Applicant verification (criminal record, ITC, claimed qualifications, driver’s license);
  • Psychometric assessment;
  • Forensic Investigations;
  • Skilling Human Resources Teams in the interviewing process.